Slick 1.0.0

February 07 2013
by Stefan Zeiger

We are happy to announce the release of Slick 1.0.0 for Scala 2.10. All artifacts are available from Maven Central. You can find the source code here: The documentation for this release is located at

The artifacts for this release have been built from the same sources as 1.0.0-RC2. The only changes are in the documentation.

Note that the groupId for all Slick artifacts has changed between 1.0.0-RC1 and 1.0.0-RC2 from com.typesafe to com.typesafe.slick.

Here is a complete list of changes since 0.11.2:
  • 329a8eb Merge remote-tracking branch ‘remotes/origin/tmp/1.0-docs-intro’ into 1.0.
  • 6397753 minor changes to direct embedding docs
  • ab36677 added docs feature list, license, favicon
  • 929acef Upgrade to sbt-site plugin 0.6.2.
  • fde4b01 Bump version number to 1.0.0
  • f562481 Use the correct dependencies for Slick artifacts in the manual
  • 9778003 Update version number for documentation to 1.0.0-RC2
  • 143d86d Make scala-compiler dependency optional. Fixes issue #87.
  • 43851c1 Change base package for sample code to com.typesafe.slick.examples.
  • 9ec4baa Change groupId to com.typesafe.slick and version to 1.0.0-RC2
  • 7f8668e New test case for using more than 22 columns in lifted embedding
  • 829053c Improved documentation:
  • 57af0c8 Use NumericTypeMapper for BigDecimal and Short. Related to issue #24.
  • ef9403e Add some new test cases:
  • 7e42998 Bug fix for Option[Array[Byte]] on PostgreSQL. Closes issue #85.
  • 24fcb6e Bump version number to 1.0.0-RC1
  • 810bb9d Switch to Scala 2.10.0 and revert cross-versioning policy.
  • 62cee6a Force comprehension inlining to avoid illegal SQL comprehensions.
  • d1b6d3a Perform inlining in non-fused generators in fuseComprehensions.
  • 8f51d5c Cast bind variables of type TIME to the correct type on SQL Server.
  • 8d2df2f Generate proper name for UUID type on PostgreSQL.
  • 78d7b31 Do not advance PositionedResultIterator at the beginning of foreach().
  • 360b098 Update Scala version to 2.10.0-RC5
  • 2f39e5e Add documentation for querying with the lifted embedding
  • c736771 Add a custom Sphinx extension for linking to API documentation.
  • 275301e Document NULL vs Option semantics.
  • 7e6582a Clarify versioning policy in the documentation
  • 9ebbca7 Introduce ~: method (aka preprend) to Projection2-21. Fixes issue #75.
  • 18b3be4 Merge branch ‘1.0’ of into 1.0
  • 4ea9125 Fix date types support on SQL Server.
  • f01ab66 Deprecate some Column methods for Option handling.
  • 364906c fixed direct embedding with singletons
  • c4bff37 Allow fusion if the inner Comprehension is a Union wrapper.
  • fa9de5c Deprecate old-style aggregation methods.
  • 9e97d5e Fix lifting of aggregation functions which reference other generators.
  • 9ee64a3 Bug fix: Correctly relabel selects of implicit joins in relabelUnions.
  • a0dd2a1 Add documentation for AST nodes and lifted embedding features
  • bf40215 Add documentation for TestKit and more lifted embedding features
  • 782d9ca Expand test DB configuration variables lazily.
  • 7928a61 Build with Scala 2.10.0-RC2
Slick Extensions

This release also comes with support for Oracle and DB2 database systems through Typesafe’s Slick Extensions package. You can find the binary and scaladoc artifacts in the Typesafe repository: See the Slick documentation for further information. Note that slick-extensions is not an open-source project. It is available under the terms of the Typesafe Subscription Agreement which is also contained inside the main JAR.

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