Slick 0.11.2 released

October 25 2012
by Christopher Vogt

We are happy to announce the release of Slick 0.11.2 for Scala 2.10.0-RC1. It should show up on Maven Central within the next few hours. You can find the source code here:

Important changes in this release:

  • BLOB-Support for postgres
  • bug fixes and minor improvements
Here is a complete list of changes since 0.11.2:
  • 2001672 changed version number to 0.11.2
  • d1db91f Merge pull request #55 from ijuma/topic/scala-2.10.0-RC1
  • 07f8ea3 Update macro parts to compile with Scala 2.10.0 RC1.
  • 6a40f5e Changes for RC1 compatibility in build and non-macro parts of Slick
  • 264561e Add with Typesafe Project & Developer Guidelines
  • cdfaf32 A possible test case for github issue #29 (but no fix).
  • 9ac93fd Do not comap() default values when reading from a mapped Option column.
  • da339ad Do not treat EXISTS as an aggregation function any more.
  • a63eda5 Update the README with links to the new documentation and licensing info
  • 1f1fa61 Improve error message to guard against illegal use of raw table objects.
  • c1d3a41 Create ConstColumn instead of plain LiteralNode for inSet sequence.
  • ab8f42f Omit precision when casting to VARCHAR in MySQL. Fixes issue #48.
  • 9a4c48f Merge branch ‘master’ of
  • 822bfbf Allow building with JDK 6 and JDK 7
  • 4683a66 Simplify interpolation macro
  • 1e3f219 DSL for creating SQL statements in the driver implementations.
  • 98133f4 Simplify DDL construction with factory methods
  • 5cc85fc More sensible default SQL type name handling
  • d767138 Factor out pagination and RowNumber handling into utility traits
  • 5256e3c Add support for OID-based BLOBs in PostgreSQL
  • 2a4e441 Add “postCreate” key to for initializing a new DB.
  • 70fc42a Wrap all BLOB operations in a transaction (required by some DBs)
  • aa8131b Deprecate Query.asColumn
  • 2ce3b7f Add sequence increment value to SequenceNode
  • 6e4d7a4 Clean up DB name/path handling in TestDB
  • 8039e7b Get data from BLOB before the result set is closed in DataTypeTest.
  • e37aaf3 Allow for a small rounding error in floating-point tests
  • 789236e Use floating-point constant in degrees/radians emulation
  • ac5a272 Support custom properties for DB connection in ExternalTestDB
  • 5932225 Move emulation for pi/radians/degrees into BasicStatementBuilderComponent
  • 1ba6b86 Reuse custom driver classes across tests to keep PermGen leaks low
  • 22d16ce Some clean-up work
  • d6dac0b Avoid lower-case names that need quoting.
  • a41261f Use upper-case SQL identifiers in InserTest.restReturning.
  • fba0292 Allow reading of MColumn results without the last 5 (optional) columns.
  • dee3cd5 Add factory methods for Invokers so that drivers can override them
  • cd4b8ef Move statement builder factory methods into BasicStatementBuilderComponent
  • 4708042 Support for prepared statements with returnIndexes
  • 2df91c5 Enable DriverTests to specify their own set of TestkitTests to run
  • 9e358d1 Move DDL execution from DDL to a separate DDLInvoker.
  • 33eac7e Bug fix: Always wrap emulated numeric functions in parentheses
  • 034046b Support multiple ‘create’ and ‘drop’ statements in ExternalTestDB
  • b29bcfa Add logging for non-prepared statements in Session.
  • 4f13c64 Allow multi-line insert to return None in MainTest.
  • 5356df2 Add Database.forDriver; Simplify and improve TestDB
  • 4352a56 Add GetParameter and SetResult for BigDecimal
  • 17844ed Prevent initialization and cleanup of disabled DBs in TestkitTest
  • 852edd2 Proper links to capabilities in driver scaladoc comments
  • 91341ef Multi-project build for publishing separate testkit artifacts
  • 55934b2 Work around a strange Derby problem where a result set does not get closed
  • e4a9b49 Simplify test kit tests
  • 82d4024 Bug fix: Rep[T] was aliased as Re[T] in Aliases/SimpleQL
  • 83fba55 Bug fix: Correctly override implicits in SimpleQL
  • 307bd6d Move TestDB into test kit
  • 98cf216 Ignore failure from already existing dummy table
  • 3c95ac8 Describe all driver limitations by capability flags.
  • aedfa1c Sequence.curr emulation for MySQL
  • ac183bb Fix scalaBinaryVersion in build
  • f016028 Merge branch ‘topic/testkit’
  • 9d684ef Improved resource sharing in test kit.
  • dd85f10 Move SimpleTest into test kit as PlainSQLTest
  • 3ac1751 Improve TestkitTest and capability management – All tests passing
  • a101af1 Use Double instead of Int in NewQuerySemanticsTest to avoid a SQL cast.
  • 7e51836 Bug fix: Use proper ordering in OVER window for paging on SQL Server.
  • 3c704e3 Sort before limiting in NewQuerySemanticsTest.
  • 37ceffe Quote names in plain SQL queries in NewQuerySemanticsTest.
  • 9a9f21f Return unique values in NewQuerySemanticsTest queries qb, qb2, qc.
  • db8f9bf Work-around for a Derby bug.
  • 397e92d Merge branch ‘master’ into topic/testkit
  • 4037468 Move to latest SQLite version
  • 7832581 Add some capabilities and improve tests
  • 84d70fd Add capabilities to database drivers
  • 0680f55 Move driver tests into testkit

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