package heterogeneous

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Type Members

  1. final class HCons[+H, +T <: HList] extends HList

    A cons cell of an HList, containing an element type and the element

  2. sealed abstract class HList extends Product

    A heterogenous list where each element has its own type.

  3. abstract class Nat extends AnyRef

    Natural numbers for indexing in HLists.

  4. final class Succ[N <: Nat] extends Nat

    A successor of another Nat

  5. trait TypedFunction extends AnyRef

    A function which operates at the type and value levels.

  6. trait TypedFunction2[-T1, -T2, +TR, F[_ <: T1, _ <: T2] <: TR] extends TypedFunction

    A binary function which operates at the type and value levels.

Value Members

  1. object HCons

  2. object HList

  3. object HListMacros

  4. object HNil extends HList

    The empty HList

  5. object Nat

  6. object Zero extends Nat

    The zero value and type for Nat

  7. object syntax

    Extra syntax for heterogenous collections.