package util

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Type Members

  1. abstract class DBTest extends AnyRef

  2. abstract class DBTestObject extends AnyRef

  3. class DelegateResultSet extends ResultSet

    An implementation of ResultSet which delegates all calls to another ResultSet.

  4. abstract class DerbyDB extends InternalJdbcTestDB

  5. abstract class DriverTest extends AnyRef

  6. abstract class ExternalJdbcTestDB extends JdbcTestDB

  7. abstract class H2TestDB extends InternalJdbcTestDB

  8. abstract class HsqlDB extends InternalJdbcTestDB

  9. abstract class InternalJdbcTestDB extends JdbcTestDB

  10. abstract class JdbcTestDB extends SqlTestDB

  11. trait RelationalTestDB extends TestDB

  12. class SQLiteTestDB extends InternalJdbcTestDB

  13. abstract class SimpleParentRunner[T] extends Runner with Filterable with Sortable

    A JUnit Runner similar to JUnit's own ParentRunner but simpler, more extensible (in the way we need it), and more Scala-like.

  14. trait SqlTestDB extends RelationalTestDB

  15. trait TestDB extends AnyRef

    Describes a database against which you can run TestKit tests.

  16. case class TestMethod(name: String, desc: Description, method: Method, cl: Class[_ <: TestkitTest[_ >: Null <: TestDB]]) extends Product with Serializable

  17. class Testkit extends SimpleParentRunner[TestMethod]

    JUnit runner for the Slick driver test kit.

  18. abstract class TestkitTest[TDB >: Null <: TestDB] extends AnyRef

  19. class AccessDB extends ExternalJdbcTestDB


    (Since version 2.1) AccessDriver will be removed when we drop support for Java versions < 8

Value Members

  1. object BuildCapabilitiesTable extends App

    Build a table of supported capability flags for the user manual.

  2. object DerbyDB

  3. object ExternalTestDB

  4. object ShouldNotTypecheck

    A macro that ensures that a code snippet does not typecheck.

  5. object StandardTestDBs

  6. object TestDB

  7. object TestkitConfig

    Manages the configuration for TestKit tests.