package session

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Type Members

  1. class BaseSession extends Session

  2. abstract class Database extends AnyRef

    A database instance to which connections can be created.

  3. class DatabaseCapabilities extends AnyRef

    Describes capabilities of the database which can be determined from a DatabaseMetaData object and then cached and reused for all sessions.

  4. class PositionedParameters extends AnyRef

  5. sealed abstract class PositionedResult extends Closeable

    A database result positioned at a row and column.

  6. abstract class PositionedResultIterator[+T] extends PositionedResult with CloseableIterator[T]

    A PositionedResult which can be used as a CloseableIterator.

  7. sealed abstract class ResultSetConcurrency extends AnyRef

  8. sealed abstract class ResultSetHoldability extends AnyRef

  9. sealed abstract class ResultSetType extends AnyRef

  10. trait Session extends Closeable with Logging

    A database session which opens a connection and transaction on demand.

Value Members

  1. object Database

    Factory methods for creating Database objects.

  2. object ResultSetConcurrency

  3. object ResultSetHoldability

  4. object ResultSetType