package jdbc

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Type Members

  1. trait AppliedInvoker[P, +R] extends UnitInvoker[R]

    Base trait for applied invokers

  2. trait GetResult[+T] extends (PositionedResult) ⇒ T

    Basic conversions for extracting values from PositionedResults.

  3. class GetTupleResult[+T <: Product] extends GetResult[T]

    GetResult for tuple types.

  4. trait Invoker[-P, +R] extends AnyRef

    Base trait for all statement invokers, using parameter type P and result type R.

  5. class MappedInvoker[-P, U, +R] extends Invoker[P, R]

    An Invoker which applies a mapping function to all results of another Invoker.

  6. trait MutatingInvoker[-P, R] extends Invoker[P, R]

  7. trait MutatingStatementInvoker[-P, R] extends StatementInvoker[P, R] with MutatingInvoker[P, R]

  8. trait MutatingUnitInvoker[R] extends UnitInvoker[R]

  9. abstract class ResultSetInvoker[+R] extends UnitInvokerMixin[R]

    An invoker which calls a function to retrieve a ResultSet.

  10. trait ResultSetMutator[T] extends AnyRef

  11. final class SQLInterpolation extends AnyVal

  12. case class SQLInterpolationResult[P](strings: Seq[String], param: P, pconv: SetParameter[P]) extends Product with Serializable

  13. trait SetParameter[-T] extends (T, PositionedParameters) ⇒ Unit

    Basic conversions for setting parameters in PositionedParameters.

  14. class SetTupleParameter[-T <: Product] extends SetParameter[T]

    SetParameter for tuple types.

  15. abstract class StatementInvoker[-P, +R] extends Invoker[P, R]

    An invoker which executes an SQL statement.

  16. abstract class StaticQuery[-P, +R] extends StatementInvoker[P, R]

    Invoker for raw SQL queries.

  17. class StaticQuery0[R] extends StaticQuery[Unit, R] with UnitInvokerMixin[R]

  18. class StaticQuery1[P1, R] extends StaticQuery[P1, R]

  19. trait UnitInvoker[+R] extends Invoker[Unit, R]

    An invoker for a Unit parameter with additional parameterless methods.

  20. trait UnitInvokerMixin[+R] extends UnitInvoker[R]

  21. class DynamicQuery[T] extends DynamicQueryBase[T, DynamicQuery[T]]


    (Since version 0.10) Use StaticQuery instead

  22. abstract class DynamicQueryBase[T, +This <: DynamicQueryBase[T, This]] extends StatementInvoker[Unit, T] with UnitInvokerMixin[T]

    Base class for dynamic queries.

  23. class DynamicUpdate extends DynamicQueryBase[Int, DynamicUpdate]


    (Since version 0.10) Use StaticQuery instead

Value Members

  1. object GetResult

  2. object ResultSetInvoker

  3. object SetParameter

  4. object StaticQuery

  5. object UnitInvoker

  6. package meta

Deprecated Value Members

  1. object DynamicQuery


    (Since version 0.10) Use StaticQuery instead

  2. object DynamicUpdate


    (Since version 0.10) Use StaticQuery instead